Spring 2017 Financial Aid Disbursement and Refund Information

  • The university will advance your estimated MAP Grant for spring semester 2017 by crediting your account. However, if the state does not fund MAP, you may be required to repay funds advanced by the university. If that were to happen, OSFA would work with you to explore other funding options that might be available to you. The terms and conditions of your financial aid award letter include detailed information regarding your MAP grant. Those terms state that awards are contingent upon continued funding from federal, state, and institutional sources, and that awards are subject to change and may be rescinded or reduced if funding is insufficient or discounted by legislative action.
  • Beginning Sunday, January 8, scholarships, grants, tuition waivers, and loans will be credited to your University Student Account. On Monday, January 9, please check UI-Integrate Self-Service to see your University charges along with any aid that has been credited to your account.
  • Refunds from a credit balance should be available by Friday, January 13. You must be enrolled in Direct Deposit to receive your refund. Once enrolled, this information does not need to be updated unless your banking information has changed. You should be prepared to purchase your textbooks and cover your first month's living expenses on your own. A refund should be budgeted to the last entire semester.
  • Your cost of attendance and financial aid awards were calculated assuming you will register for at least 12 hours (8 hours for on-line/off-campus programs) each semester. If you enroll for fewer hours, your cost of attendance and financial aid awards will be reduced. If you do not register for at least 12 hours (8 hours off-campus/on-line), please use the "Request Changes" option on your Award Letter in UI-Integrate Self-Service to notify OSFA of the number of hours you are registered for. If you don't notify OSFA, you may receive financial aid funds that you are not eligible to receive and will be required to repay them to the University.
  • As of midnight on the 10th day of the semester (January 30 for Spring 2017), recipients of the Federal Pell Grant must be registered for 12 hours or the awards will be prorated. The state of Illinois MAP grant requires enrollment of 15 hours each semester or the grant will be prorated. Most other scholarship and grant funds require you to register for at least 12 hours each semester. Federal Direct Loan funds require students to be registered for at least 6 hours at the time of disbursement.
  • You will be notified by February 2 to view your spring 2017 bill in UI-Integrate Self-Service. Your payment is due in full on February 28 unless you are enrolled in an optional Payment Plan.
  • If you have not received your 2016-2017 Award Letter, please review your outstanding financial aid requirements in UI-Integrate Self-Service. If you have received your Award Letter but your financial aid did not credit to your student account, make sure you are registered, have accepted aid offered to you, and have completed all outstanding requirements listed on your Award Letter.
  • If you received an outside scholarship check, print and complete the Private Outside Scholarship Form and mail it along with your check to the address on the form or bring it to OSFA.
  • To remain eligible for financial aid, you must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Review the SAP Policy before dropping or adding hours to your schedule.

If you have questions, contact OSFA at finaid@illinois.edu or 217-333-0100. Contact University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations at usfscohelp@uillinois.edu or 217-333-2180 with questions regarding your Student Account, third party payments, College Illinois,or 529 plans.