Rights & Responsibilities

The following are the rights and responsibilities you may expect from your employer and those that you agree to adhere to when accepting employment.

These guidelines are a general overview of policies and procedures set forth by this office. You’re also subject to the policies and procedures that are specific to your employing department or agency. You should take these responsibilities seriously.

All Student Employee Responsibilities

When hired for a position, you become a member of a work unit that depends on you. Therefore, the supervisor may reasonably expect you to:

  • Report ready to work at the scheduled time.
  • Complete duties and not conduct personal business while at work.
  • Work with a cooperative and positive attitude.
  • Notify the supervisor as soon as possible of any changes in work schedule and of projects and exams that may interfere with the work schedule.
  • Keep an accurate record of hours worked.
  • Submit the completed time card/time sheet and/or complete and submit the electronic time sheet to the supervisor on time.
  • Adhere to any confidentiality/security agreements set forth by the employer.
  • Notify each supervisor if employed in more than one position on campus.
  • Notify each supervisor of any job-related accident.
  • Dress appropriately for the work place.
  • Maintain the required enrollment of at least 6 credit hours for regular hourly student employees (12 for international student employees).
  • Notify the Student Employment Unit of any problems with a supervisor or work situation that cannot be resolved via email or by calling 217-333-0600.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Student Employee Responsibilities

As an FWS student, you have the following additional responsibilities to your employers and our office:

  • Notify OSFA of any enrollment or credit hour change.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress requirements of at least 12 credit hours and at least a C average every semester.
  • Earn no more than the Federal Work-Study award amount unless approved by an employer who is responsible for 100% of wages in excess of FWS award.
  • Notify OSFA of any changes in your family financial circumstances.
  • Re-apply for financial aid each year according to the deadline.
  • Submit all requested documents to OSFA in a timely manner.
  • Notify the supervisor in the event of a revision in your FWS award.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Following are the responsibilities expected of all student employee supervisors:

  • Provide the appropriate training and workspace for each student employee.
  • Consider student employees to be students first and part-time employees second.
  • Notify the Student Employment Unit via email or by calling 217-333-0600 if there’s a problem with a student that cannot be resolved.
  • Notify the Student Employment Unit when an FWS-funded student is terminated prior to the termination date listed on the student’s payroll authorization by submitting a Human Resources Transaction Checklist.
  • Be certain that timesheets are accurate before signing/approving and that students don’t have access to timesheets after you’ve signed them.
  • Make sure that students complete and submit timesheets on time.
  • Do not allow students to work until they have completed the proper paper-work along with NESSIE New Hire, are enrolled in the required number of hours, and have had non-FWS jobs entered on Banner by the unit.