All University of Illinois student employees are subject to the Classifications and Scale of Biweekly Wages for Student Employees. These classifications and wages are subject to change due to increases in the minimum wage or other conditions affecting classifications or wages.

Group A

Entry level/unskilled:  $14.00-$15.15 per hour

  • Work requiring no prior experience or education; all training done on the job
  • General office work; preparing/serving food; operating cash register; stocking/inventory supplies; assisting in classroom duties

Group B

Semi-skilled:  $14.00-$15.95 per hour

  • Work requiring some experience or education; substantial on-the-job training
  • Word-processing and other basic computer work; assisting with animal care; working with/organizing intramural sports/events and assisting in facilities; general labor; assisting in food service administration and/or library

Group C

Technical:  $14.00-$18.00 per hour

  • Work requiring prior experience or education
  • Technical office or laboratory work involving specific skills in the field in which the student is employed, such as accounting, computer programming, writing; aviation-related duties; custodial or grounds keeping; student patrol

Group D

Paraprofessional/professional:  $14.00-$21.50 per hour

  • Work requiring advanced skills specific to the field in which you’ll be employed or in which you specialize
  • Technical office or laboratory work; research, teaching, counseling; assisting in veterinary medicine

Hourly wage increases are based upon length of service and merit or superior performance. Increases are subject to supervisory approval.

The wages of students employed off-campus, particularly of those employed by the Community Service Program, will vary according to the special skills or training required of each position. All wages are monitored by the Student Employment Unit in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.