Types of Employment

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Subsidized by the federal government, FWS is a need-based financial aid award that allows you to work and earn money. To be considered, you must complete a FAFSA each academic year. Therefore, you must be awarded FWS before you can begin working a FWS job.

The FWS award amount is the maximum amount you may earn through this type of employment during the corresponding award period. You must also maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements.

Effective Dates

2022-2023 Academic Year
Full Academic Year August 21, 2022 through May 13, 2023
Fall 2022 August 21, 2022 through December 17, 2022
Spring 2023 January 15, 2023 through May 13, 2023
2021-2022 Academic Year
Full Academic Year August 22, 2021 through May 14, 2022
Fall 2021 August 22, 2021 through December 25, 2021
Spring 2022 January 16, 2022 through May 14, 2022

On-Campus Positions

Many FWS positions are available in departments throughout campus. The type of work will vary by department. You should review the virtual job board or contact the department directly to find FWS positions.

Graduate Assistantships

If you’re a graduate student, you may be eligible for FWS assistantships in certain departments. Contact your department regarding availability. Your department will notify our office to confirm your eligibility for FWS. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a revised Award Letter.

America Reads/America Counts Program Tutors

This program offers tutoring positions. America Reads focuses on helping children in pre-K through the 6th grade read independently and well. America Counts tutors work with children in pre-K through the 8th grade to help improve mathematical and problem-solving skills.

Recruitment takes place at the beginning of each semester. Those who are eligible for at least $2,000 in FWS funds for the academic year will receive emails letting them know that they can participate in this program for their FWS employment.

Our office works in cooperation with Urbana and Champaign school districts to identify, train, and place all America Reads and America Counts tutors. Tutoring partnerships also exist with the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, the Regional Office of Education, and Orchard Downs.

America Reads/America Counts Graduate Coordinators

Graduate students interested in working with the America Reads/America Counts program may apply for hourly positions as graduate coordinators to help coordinate the tutors and to serve as a liaison between a specific school or site location, the school district office, and our office.

To be considered for a graduate coordinator position with the America Reads/America Counts program, you must complete the FAFSA and be eligible for need-based financial aid. In many instances, the FWS award will replace need-based loan eligibility.

America Reads/America Counts Undergraduate Coordinators

Undergraduate students who have worked with the America Reads/America Counts program as a tutor for at least 2 years (4 semesters) may be eligible to be hired as a Coordinator. Coordinators supervise tutors at their assigned site and serve as a liaison between the school or site location, the school district office, and our office.

Coordinators are hired prior to the beginning of each semester, and eligible students will receive an email notifying them about the opportunity and application process. Students must have completed the FAFSA and accepted at least $2500 in Federal Work Study funds for the academic year, in addition to the minimum 4 semester tutoring requirement.

Off-Campus Community Service Program

This program places you in employment positions that not only enhance your learning, but also benefit the community. Most community service positions are in off-campus settings that serve the community at large. A limited number of employment positions are available, and many require special skills or training.

Opportunities are available to work with community service agencies such as the Champaign County Health Care Consumers, Community Shares of Illinois, Children’s Center Day Care, YMCA, or YWCA, performing a variety of tasks ranging from child care to administrative assistance.

University Hourly Employment

If you haven’t been awarded FWS or have chosen not to apply for need-based federal financial aid, you can still work on campus. Jobs are available in departments throughout campus. If you’re eligible, you may work on campus as a university hourly student employee.