Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant

The MAP Grant is a state-funded, need-based grant awarded by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.

  • You and your parents must be Illinois residents.
  • Undergraduates who haven’t earned a bachelor’s or professional degree are eligible.
  • This grant is awarded to students with an estimated family contribution of less than $9,000.
  • 2020-2021 awards vary from $178 to $5,340.
  • Awards for students with less than 15 credit hours per semester will be pro-rated.
  • Students with a pro-rated MAP award that are enrolled in 12-14 hours may receive the MAP Hour Adjustment Award to replace the MAP reduction.
  • Grants may be limited based on FAFSA application date, number of applicants, and funding levels appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly.
  • Students with a sophomore standing who have accumulated 75 MAP Eligibility Units or students who have accumulated 135 MAP Eligibility Units are not eligible.