Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education (TEACH) Grant

The TEACH Grant Program is a federally funded grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education.

You’ll be notified if you’re eligible for this grant. You should only consider this possible funding source if you’re committed to teaching a high-need subject in a designated low-income school upon graduation.

  • Although this award is non-need-based, you must file a FAFSA.
  • This grant is available to undergraduate and graduate students who:
    1. are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens.
    2. score above the 75th percentile on a national standardized college admissions test or have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 as a high school graduate and maintain that GPA throughout their academic program.
    3. are enrolled in an eligible teacher education certificate program (eligible education programs are determined by the US Department of Education on an annual basis).
  • Recipients are awarded up to $4,000 each year (this is prorated for part-time students).
  • Recipients must complete the TEACH Grant Initial Counseling and Agreement to Serve, in which they agree to teach high-need subjects in a public or nonprofit elementary or secondary school eligible for Title I assistance that serves low-income families. This obligation must be met for at least 4 years within 8 years of finishing the teacher preparation program. If it isn’t, the grant will convert to an unsubsidized loan, which will have to be repaid with interest calculated back to the date the funds were disbursed.