Important Dates & Announcements

We’re Hiring!

The Veterans Services Office located in the Office of Student Financial Aid has a work study opening! Wages will be $11.00 per hour paid by the VA.

We are seeking a motivated student to assist Veterans Services with day-to-day functions including responding to general inquiries about veteran education benefits, managing files, as well other tasks and projects!

Please remember in order to be eligible for the VA work study program, the student must be receiving federal education benefits (Chapter 30, 31, 32, 33, 35 or 1606). You must also be enrolled in and pursuing an approved college degree or professional program of education at a rate of 3/4 time or greater.

If you are interested in working in Veterans Services, please contact our office via email at

Covid-19 and Impact on VA Benefits

New Pass COVID (PZ)/No Pass COVID (NZ) Grades

Students who elect to utilize the Pass COVID (PZ)/No Pass COVID (NZ) should be aware that our office is required to report the ‘No Pass COVID’ (NZ) as a non-punitive grade. A non-punitive grade is a grade that doesn’t count as earned credit and isn’t considered in progress standards for graduation. Non-punitive grades are treated similar to dropped/withdrawn (W) courses. This means receiving an NZ grade may result in a debt to the VA, and you may be required to pay back a portion of your BAH stipend. The University may also be required to return tuition payments received from the VA for Chapter 33 recipients, which may result in a debt owed to the University.

If you are automatically assigned an NZ grade at the end of the term, and wish to covert it back to a standard letter grade, you must initiate that request with your academic department. We encourage students to also utilize their Academic Advisors to discuss these options early so that you are aware of how the earned grades may also impact your academic requirements.

*Effective through Spring 2021 Semester

Resident vs. Distance Courses

While courses have been converted to online, based on previously passed legislation (Senate Bill 3503, signed into law March 21, 2020), on-campus courses converted to online delivery methods will be certified as resident courses when completing enrollment certifications. The law authorizes this special authority from March 1, 2020 through December 21, 2021 of the Fall 2021 semester.  Please note that courses that would have originally been delivered online will be still be certified as distances courses. As this is an ongoing circumstance, our office will continue to monitor decisions made by the University due COVID-19, and will keep you informed regarding the impact on GI Bill Benefits.

*Effective through Fall 2021 Semester

Enrollment Certification Processing Timeline by Term

Summer 2021 VECRs processing begins May 2021, and the online VECR request form will be available from April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

  • Fall 2021 processing begins August 2021, and the online VECR request form will be available from April 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
  • Winter 2021-2022 processing begins November 2021, and the online VECR request form will be available from November 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
  • Spring 2022, processing begins December 2021 and the online VECR request form will be available from November 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022.
  • Summer 2022 processing begins May 2022, and the online VECR request form will be available from April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022.

**Please note that once the online VECR application closes for a given term, your enrollment may still be certified for that term, however you must request a paper VECR request form by emailing**

Other Important Dates

  • 2021-2022 FAFSA preferential filing date is March 15, 2021

  • First day of fall instruction is August 23, 2021

  • Fall 2021 tuition and fee bill due date is September 28, 2021

  • Fall 2021 30 Day Drop Period ends September 21, 2021 (VA’s 30 day drop period*)

  • 2022-2023 FAFSA becomes available October 1, 2021

  • Spring 2022 30 Day Drop Period ends February 16, 2022 (VA’s 30 day drop period*)

  • Spring 2022 tuition and fee bill due date is February 28, 2022

  • 2022-2023 FAFSA preferential filing date is March 15, 2022

*VA’s 30 day drop period: The brief period at the beginning of a term officially designated for dropping courses without academic penalty. The school’s last day to drop a course will be the end of the drop period, providing it does not exceed 30 days from the first day of the term. The drop period determines if we must report the drop as punitive or non-punitive grades assigned. The action VA takes differs for non-punitive and punitive grades.*

For a full listing of financial aid dates and deadlines please click here.