Withdrawing From the University for Activation or Deployment

If you wish to withdraw from the university, you must follow established official withdrawal procedures.

Complete a Withdrawal From the University form, which should be obtained from the Dean’s Office in your college or graduate department. The form requires you to obtain signatures from several campus offices and then submit a copy to us, along with a completed VA Form 21-4138 (Statement of Support of Claim) indicating the reason for the withdrawal.

If you withdraw from the university after completing the 7th week and before completing the 12th week of the semester due to being ordered to active duty, you may be entitled to receive credit for half of each course in which you’ve attained a standing of C- or better at the time of withdrawal. Full credit is given if the withdrawal occurs after completing the 12th week of the semester. For more information, refer to the Campus Code of Policies and Regulations.

If you were recalled and have already departed campus after completing the withdrawal process, you should email us the following information:

  • Your full name and University Identification Number (UIN)
  • The date of withdrawal listed on your withdrawal form
  • Your military unit designation
  • A brief statement indicating the reason for the withdrawal

We’ll acknowledge your email and forward the withdrawal to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for processing.

If you have direct loans that are in an in-school status, an in-school deferment status, or a grace period status, you should contact your federal loan servicer and request a Military Grace Program deferment. This option can extend the grace period status of the loan up to 3 years and is only available to students withdrawing as a result of being recalled or deployed.