Financial Aid Notification

Your Financial Aid Notification reflects all federal, state, and university offers of aid, including scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment.

The following video provides an overview of the Financial Aid Notification:

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Once your financial aid application and all requested information has been received and processed, you’ll be notified via email. We typically begin generating Financial Aid Notifications to applicants in March preceding the beginning of the new award year.

Students can access their Financial Aid Notification in the Financial Aid section of UI-Integrate Self-Service. Information on how to set up the necessary passwords to access UI-Integrate Self-Service is available at Check Your Status.

Once you’ve accessed your Financial Aid Notification, thoroughly review and complete all requested actions. This is a real-time version of your current financial aid awards; the information on it may change periodically. Your Financial Aid Notification should also be used to report additional financial aid awards and to request financial aid processing changes throughout the year.

You may want to print or save a copy of the Financial Aid Notification for your files. If you’ve completed the FAFSA and don’t receive a Financial Aid Notification or a request for additional information or documents from our office by mid-May, contact us.


The Financial Aid Notification Overview provides a summary of your financial aid:

  1. Your Cost of Attendance and financial need calculation based on the information you submitted on your FAFSA.
  2. The awards you’ve been offered or are receiving.
  3. Additional steps that must be completed to receive the awards you’ve been offered. Note that the instructions will be removed as you complete these requirements.

Information Request

If you need to report other financial aid awards that aren’t currently listed on your Financial Aid Notification or request financial aid processing changes throughout the year, click “Request Changes” to go to the Financial Aid Notification Information Request page.

Be brief but thorough when providing additional information. Note that if you enter anything in the boxes, the processing of your Financial Aid Notification will stop so that we can review and process what you’ve provided.

Accepting & Declining Awards

If you’ve been offered one or more financial aid awards, you must accept or decline them.

To request a lower award amount, use the “Partial Accept” field. Guidance is provided at the top of the page regarding which awards can be reoffered to you later in the award year.

Not Attending

If you’ve decided not to attend Illinois, click “Not Attending.” This should only be selected if you don’t plan to attend any time during the award year.

Submitting Your Decision

Before submitting your decision, you should read and accept our terms and conditions. Upon submission, you’ll be provided an updated list of any additional steps you must take to receive the awards you’ve accepted.