Other Aid

In addition to the primary types of financial aid programs we offer, we also provide other forms of aid based on specific needs.

Illinois Commitment

Learn about Illinois Commitment, a financial aid package which covers the cost of tuition and campus fees for Illinois residents whose family makes $67,100 or less.

Illinois Promise

See if you’re eligible for Illinois Promise, a program that makes Illinois affordable for students from the lowest income levels.

International Students

Discover what kind of help is available for undergraduate and graduate international students.


Learn what financial aid programs and opportunities are available at Illinois for veterans and their families.

Tax Credits

Find out if you qualify for a tax credit or if you can claim the student loan interest deduction.

Pre-Paid Tuition

Set aside money now to pay for college later through one of our state pre-paid tuition plans.


Learn what financial aid programs and opportunities are eligible for qualifying undocumented and transgender students.