Outside Scholarships

If you’re interested in seeking a private grant or scholarship, check as many sources as possible.

Note that our office can’t guarantee the availability of such scholarships, nor are we involved in the selection of their recipients. Questions about a specific scholarship should be directed to the individual private scholarship organization.

Where to Find Scholarships

Local scholarships are offered by private companies and organizations, including:

  • High school guidance offices
  • Local chambers of commerce
  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Financial institutions
  • Local community groups or clubs
  • Educational organizations
  • Church groups
  • Alumni associations
  • Civic organizations

Following is a limited list of private outside scholarships:

To find out about other private outside scholarship opportunities, we encourage you to seek out free scholarship sites such as:

When to Notify Us

Private outside scholarships may reduce any loan or Federal Work-Study awards you receive before they reduce any grant aid.

If a private outside scholarship isn’t listed on your Award Letter, you must report the source and amount by completing our Private Outside Scholarship Form. All scholarships checks should be made payable to the University of Illinois and sent to our office with your full name and University Identification Number (UIN) clearly listed. If you’ve received a check from the private outside scholarship, you must attach the endorsed check to the form when you submit it to us.

If you receive need-based aid, you’ll receive a new Financial Aid Notification once we process the information from the private outside scholarship.